TubiTunes 1.0.1

YouTube to iTunes in a click


  • Converts for Apple TV, iPhone, iPod
  • Add to playlist


  • Aborts frequently
  • No progress bar

Not bad

It's becoming hard to differentiate all the YouTube converters we find these days. TubiTunes isn't much of an exception and will offer the typical drag and drop and convert.

The application lets you select any video you find on any video sharing site like YouTube and DailyMotion. Drag it onto TubiTunes' interface and the program takes of converting it.
iPhone is the default destination format, yet you can also have it convert for the iPod or Apple TV.
Digging in the preferences you'll see you can choose the destination for the converted video, among which you can create a playlist in iTunes just for your TubiTunes files.

I was pretty disappointed by TubiTunes as it failed on each and every single video I tried to convert. Similarly I was disappointed not to find a progress bar, as conversion can be a bit slow and I like to know how much time the task will take.

With TubiTunes download videos from YouTube and store them directly in your iTunes. TubiTunes isn't restricted to downloading videos from YouTube (including higher-quality MPEG-4 files if available).

In fact, it works with most popular web video sites, such as CollegeHumor, DailyMotion, Google Video, Metacafe, and many more. It downloads MP3 files from MySpace, and so forth.

We can't name them all, because we really don't know — TubiTunes has a generic web media detection mechanism that will work with all kinds of sites it hasn't even met during beta testing.



TubiTunes 1.0.1

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